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Some of My More Significant Hikes  - 
Hiking Picture Book

Appalachian Trail - Different portions with and without packs, about 180 Miles total. Check out the Web Hiker, and the AT home pages below.

Appalachian Trail Blaze

Blue Ridge Parkway - July 1995; 95F with packs, no wind, little water,24 hours, 24 miles. Stupid because of lack of food and water planning.

blueridg.gif (64658 bytes)

Mount Algonquin - April 1994; 66F - 44F, with packs, one day, 14 miles, slightly advanced backpacking, but with awesome views.

Whiteface Mountain - April 1994; 67F - 30F  with sleet, no packs, 12 miles, day two of above. Same type of hiking as above, but the top is  treacherous, when raining and sleeting.

white3[1].jpg (17455 bytes)

Delaware Water Gap - June 1993; 86F, 25 miles; a beautiful glacier lake.

May 1996; 88F, 12 miles, Too much rain.

ap_gaprv.jpg (20392 bytes)

Batona Trail - May 1992; 82F - 65F, with rain, 50 miles, Wharton State Forest, NJ.

June 1998; 75F 19.6 miles,  8 hours, Great day Hike.

nj_pinebarrens_photo.gif (43405 bytes)

























Backcountry Dome Tent

Four-Season Backpack                        

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